Fuve™ Philosophy
Freedom  .  Unity  .  Virtue  .  Experience


Fuve.com™ - The independent publishing outlet for Fuve™ - brand Art, Philosophy and Music. A site for open-minds, critical-thinkers, and truth and wisdom-lovers.

F.U.V.E.™ - A body of knowledge and wisdom concerning: Freedom, Unity, Virtue and Experience.

Fuve™ Bubble - The integral, momentary yoking of consciousness, experience, causality and perception = You.

Fuve™ Bubbles -
The best and greatest social networking system in ANY universe!™

Fuve™ Flow - The mental, physical and spiritual practice of F.U.V.E.™.

Fuve™ Flower - The 32 essenses of Fuve™ Bubble experience.

Fuve™ You! - How to remember who you are.

Fuve™ - Coined in 1997 by The Artist, Musician, Philosopher, Consciousness Experiencer, Causality and Perception Owner known as Buck Fuve™.  Fuve™ may be described as...

... adventure, courage and free will
... fun-loving harmony and health
... compassion and self defense
... grass roots, local and legion
... assertive self determination
... admiration and cherishing
... leadership and lordship
... loyalty, faith and trust
... kindness and respect
... honor and protection
... Virtue and Experience
... Freedom and Unity
... Spiritual Authority
... Fun ... Love...