Fuve Philosophy - Fuve Flower - Fame

     "Content of character may help determine reputation.  You cannot accept what you are unaware of.  Optimism is always more fun, but reality is eternal...be wary of positivity cults.  Stop worshiping celebrities and people in positions of power.  Stop vaping off the success of others.  Stop vamping energies of those you exhalt and learn to cultivate your own unique identity.  Only narcissists brag about famous people they know, and seek out ego fuel from those they exhalt and the false praise of others.... be wary of these energy vampires.  Energy vampires will only love you for what you do for them, they are not comfortable with loving someone for being a human being.  They will act like they respect you and give you a smile and a "namaste" but they will still treat you as a resource.  Energy vampires are never grateful.  Be wary of those who exhalt delusions and illusions for they will also be the ones who will try to tear down your dreams." - Buck Fuve

A lot of people mistake a short memory for a clear conscience. - Doug Larson