Fuve Philosophy - Fuve Flower - Courage

     "Do what you do well... do what you don't do even better.  You ARE the moment between approval and criticism.  Fears are necessary to help cultivate hunger and thirst for life.  Hunger and thirst for life may help create fear.  Daring, persistent and tenacious pursuit of; aceivements, adventure, ambitions, desires, dreams, goals and plans helps cultivate courage.  Practicing choicefulness (courage to accept courageous choices), expressive speech and honing listening skills helps cultivate courage and transcend fear.  Excessive expecations may lead to excessive disappointments.  Hunger may or may not be satisfied by successes and failures.  Let go and move on!  Learning to accept, introspect and appreciate the present helps transcend fear and cultivate courage.  If fear is a festering fungus, then let Fuve be flourishing flowers!" - Buck Fuve

"A fear faced is a fear erased." - Unknown
Always stand on principle, even if you stand alone. - John Quincy Adams