Fuve™ Philosophy
Freedom  .  Unity  .  Virtue  .  Experience

V is for Virtue - Virtue Links

Virtue Tri Vesica Pices

I am what I do and what happens.  Do unto others.  Golden Ratio-Rule.

Virtue = Tau = 2π = Causality yoking and cleaving Omnipresent Now = Virtue

We cleave the universe cleaves us.

How to practice Fuve™ Virtue philosophy :

  • Accept responsibility for your causality.  Emplore all sentient beings to lead and practice virtue over vice.  Practice Goodwill, Sharing, Acknowledgement, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Joyousness, Encouragement, Praise, Peace, Compassion and Empathy.  Practice defending yourself from :

    • avarice, covetousness, delusion, ignorance, gluttony, lust, sloth, and greed.

    • hatred, envy, guilt and pride.

    • anger, wrath and war.

    • charlatan worship.

  • Carefully study and share Fuve™ Virtue Links with people you love.