Fuve™ Philosophy
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U is for Unity
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Freedom Tri Vesica Pices

The Fuve™ definition of Unity :

I create the light AND the darkness.  I am accountable for my perception.

Unity = Tau = 2π = Perception yoking and cleaving Omnipresent Now = yoUnity

I cleave the universe cleaves me.

How to practice Fuve™ Unity philosophy :

  • Create the light and the darkness.  Accept atOnement and responsibility for your perception.  Know who you are.  (My Yoke Is Easy...my Burden Is Light.  Narrow is the path.  I Am Now.  Now Is Lord.  I And The Father Are One.  I Am The Way The Truth And The Life.  Ohm Tat Sat.  Tat Tvam Asi.)   Avoid following... Be a leader.  Transcend ignorance by studying all philosophies and religions and transform your understanding.  Cultivate compassion with all peoples, regardless of their cult, religion or science.  Realize the cultivation and practice of compassion is challenging in worlds of increasing trendyism and energy vampirism.  Practice defending yourself from :

    • phony, weak minded, intentionally-ignorant trendies who have no thoughts of their own and refuse to accept responsibility for their perceptions.
    • pie-in-the-sky salespersons and abusive zealots who guilt people into blindly agreeing with dogma and theology, and claim only one path to enlightenment, heaven or salvation in any "dimension".
    • charlatan narcissists who boast, brag and preach, yet fear true philosophical confrontation and refuse to address their contradictory beliefs.

    Carefully study and share Fuve™ Unity News Links with people you love.