Fuve™ Philosophy
Freedom  .  Unity  .  Virtue  .  Experience
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Freedom Tri Vesica Pices

The Fuve™ definition of Freedom :

I am the AUthor of, and accountable for my Consciousness.

Freedom = Consciousness yokes and cleaves Omnipresent Experience.

Omnipresent Now = Wau (F) = ∞ (1,0) = Fuve Bubble = You.

How to practice Fuve™ Freedom philosophy :

  • Accept responsibility for your consciousness.  Resist mind controllers.  Learn how to enhance your perception of your self and the world.  Become well-rounded and learn to a variety of methods, techniques and skills to defend your body, mind and spirit.  Accept that you are your own worst enemy.  Stop seeking saviors and enslaving yourself by sacrificing liberty for the illusion of security.  Admit you are spiritual authority so you can defend your spirit.  Take authority and soverignty back from liberty and privacy haters.  Learn how to enjoy emotional freedom and balance your natural need to be loved by others with your need to love yourself. Practice defending yourself from :

    • phony gurus, dogmatic cults, pious zealots, superficial snobs, monopolies and beaurocratic bullies.

    • anyone who seeks to control your consciousness, perception, causality and experience, and anyone who refuses to accept responsibility for their consciousness, experience, causality and perception.

    • those who use offerings or profits as a means to build a prayer-wheel-spinning cult or organization designed to cloud your enlightenment and control your Freedom and Privacy.

    • mind-controlled zombies who regurgitate mainstream media brainwashing points, practice condemnation before investigation, and live in a constant state of delusion, fiction and denial.

    • sheeple who are always blaming someone and caught up in polarity paradigms... (conservatives vs liberals, statists vs libertarians, this race vs that race, this religion vs that religion)

    • emotional vampires and mind controllers who refuse to care or have cremated care and love you for what you do for them(human resource) rather than who you are as a person(Human Being).

    • human rights abuser agents, their agencies and devious, delusional distractions from the truth.

  • Carefully study and share Fuve™ Freedom News Links with people you love.