Fuve™ Philosophy
Freedom  .  Unity  .  Virtue  .  Experience
E is for Experience - Experience Links

Experience Tri Vesica Pices

The Fuve™ definition of Experience :

I am the AUthor of, and accountable for my Experience.

Experience yokes and cleaves Omnipresent Consciousness.

Experience = Wau (F) = (FF) = Fuve Flower

How to practice Fuve™ Experience Philosophy :

  • Experience life in a fun-loving, healthy, sensual, humorous and witty way.  Make life about the experience and journey rather than the ever-elusive destination.  Live life with Humor, Wellness, and Quality of Relationships.  Practice defending yourself from :

    • Disease, Drugs, Mis-Education, Phony Fitness Scams, Bad Food

    • Dirty Environment, Pollution and Polluters

    • Bad relationships, emotional vampires, passive-aggressives, angry people and liars.

  • Carefully study and share Fuve™ Experience Links with people you love.