Fuve™ Music

Songwriter Bio

     Classically trained.  Instruments and influences span the entire musical spectrum and beyond.  I write about love and life imitating artistical love and life.  I'm a Fuvelosopher forever flickering flame flowers freely flowing Fuvey-wuvey Fuvelosophy.  If fear is a festering fungus, then let Fuve be flourishing flowers... ya dig?   I enjoy:  Acoustic and electronic audio adventures, purposeless experiments, playful percussions, motivating melodies, sonic surfing, naturally raw rhythms, beefy, deep-penetrating bass, and low frequency tactile infrasonic mad science.  I'm dedicated to making music, and have no desire to be or call myself a "rock star".  I'm determined not to go down the pariah path and have small, realistic goals...

The Fuve™ Music Mission...

...Record with emphasis of live recordings over fidelity.
...Post Music and Videos on Fuve.com. Promote!
...Network w/creative, talented musicians & industry pros.
...Build or join a band. Rehearse. Find manager & get gigs.
...Record better, higher fidelity recordings and new music.
...Sell Fuve downloads, CDs and merchandise on Fuve.com
...Thank Family, Friends and Fans... THANK YOU!!!

To help with the Fuve™ Music Mission please contact Sales@Fuve.com