Fuve™ Art

Artist Bio

       My photography passion began while living overseas and traveling.  I learned with a homemade pinhole camera, 35mm cams and developing film in a dark room with emulsions and hang drying photos.  My studies and photography includes shooting, editing and production using a variety of the latest cameras, lighting and tools.  I enjoy an easy-going camaraderie with my clients and subjects.  My clients include people from all walks of life including V.I.P.s and high-profile individuals.  Most of my business is generated by referral.  All business is done with complete discretion and privacy.  I specialize in:  Artistic, Commercial, Events(Weddings, Nightlife) & Portraits

I offer Professional Photography at Competitive Rates

       I enjoy using a variety of media to express myself. I specialize in: Body Art, Tattoo Artistry, Tattoo Flash Art, Graphic Art, Pen Art, Pencil Art, Mixed Media Mandalas, Photography and more...

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I enjoy body care mixology, so I created Fuve™ Body Care products in 1997.   All-natural, organic Fuve™ Body Care products nourish the body, senses and spirit!  Smother yourself in Fuve™ for healthy, silky-soft, supple, youthful and yummy-smelling skin!  If you've heard of or attended a Fuve Fiesta, then you know where to find Fuve™!

I offer Fuve™ Body Care products on an exclusive and limited scale.
"If the people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery, it wouldn't seem wonderful at all." - Michelangelo