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Fuve™ Body Care products are fun, flowy love.™  Fuve™ Body Care products nourish the body, senses and spirit!  Smother yourself in Fuve™ for healthy, silky-soft, supple, youthful and yummy-smelling skin!

The Fuve™ Body Care Philosophy is to use rich, organic and wild sources, adhering to our highest quality standards of Fuve-Loving care.  NO watered-down products, petroleum products, mineral oils, toxic, irritating, hydrolyzed or hydrogenated oils, synthetic products, animal testing or alcohol!

Please enjoy fresh, Fuvelicious™, hand-made Fuve™ !

Fuve™ Always,

The creators of vitamin-enriched, deep-moisturizing, simple, sexy, all-natural Fuve™


Fuve™ Glove

Fuve™ Glove is our vitamin-enriched after-shower oil, soothing after shave and deep skin and body moisturizer.  We created the unique blend several years ago while spending lots of time out doors, in the water, drying sun, weather and elements.

Fuve™ Glove has an exotic, sexy, slippery, smoothing effect and keeps your skin soft, supple, nourished, young and lubed!

Mix Fuve™ Glove with a little water right after you get out of the shower and smother your whole body with rejuvenating Fuve™ Glove.

Enhance your Fuve™ Glove with Fuve™ Butter  and Fuve™ Love...


Fuve™ Butter

Fuve™ Butter is a moisturizing body butter, designed to cover everything from the head to toe, eliminating the need for several different products.

Fuve™ Butter can be used as a nourishing lip balm, hair wax, cuticle lubricant, and a warm, deep moisturizing butter lotion and aftershave softener.

Enhance your Fuve™ Butter experience with Fuve™ Glove before and Fuve™ Love after!


Fuve™ Love

Fuve™ Love is a heavenly and magical love potion, with a distinctively exotic, sexy, sharp, woody and yummy, lick able fragrance, proven to arouse the senses.

Fuve™ Love smells so good and lasts so long it eliminates the need for expensive perfumes and colognes.

Fuve™ Love is an addictive and arousing blend of vanilla, coffee, caramel, musk, mint, coffee, caramel, lavender, tar, peppermint, patchouli, clove, jojoba, tonka, sandalwood, coconut and peach oil, evening primrose oil, honey water(mel), cognac oil, chai tea infusion

Fuve Body Care

Fuve™ Yourself!

The Fuve™ business model includes exclusive Fuve™ Body Care products on an exclusive and limited scale.  Please contact 602-478-8844 for purchase information.

"I use Fuve when I'm at a club and I want to freshen up!  I just sneak off to the bathroom, wash my face and ears and then mix a little squirt of Fuve Love™ and water and rub it all over my face, ears and neck!....Fuve Love makes me smell yummy!"  - J.P.